C-Connect Potential Recruitment


What is C-Connect Potential recruitment?

When a person wants to change their job, the job offers are different from how it was for new grads, mainly being an “experience or career based recruitment” for a specific type of occupation.
Although it says “inexperience is ok”, experience is heavily considered.
Most job openings for completely inexperienced people are normally jobs which you would just run an already complete system as a “part-time” or as a “temporary employee”.

While, C-Connect has “general staff recruitment” and “specialist recruitment” for people younger than 27 based on their potential.

People who can apply

  • People who want to change their job out of the frame. (E.g. A big shift from sales to system engineer)
  • People who want to grow as a generalist, and become a candidate for an executive position or as a director of a new business.

Such as “people currently unemployed recent graduate with work experience”, “junior college graduate”, “”high school graduate”, “middle school graduate”, “free-lancer”, “entrepreneur”, “musician”, and etc.
Your school records, career up till now would not matter.
We will hire based on your “stance towards work”, “motivation and ambition”, and “potential possibility”.

Our company is created based upon people, so we will consider the job position taking in what you want to do, aptitude, and what you are good at.
Please appeal that “greatness” of you at the interview.

Employees hired through potential recruitment

WEBマーケター:須川 昌義
WEB Marketer: Masayoshi Sugawa
After graduating, I came to this company along the stormy flow.
バイヤー:高 藝珊
Buyer: Geisan Ko
I didn’t have any experience other than a part-time job.
※Note: Did not hire her because she is cute.
エンジニア:小林 尚人
Engineer: Naoto Kobayashi
After I graduated university, I really wanted to work at C-Connect, so I re-applied to this company after being rejected once.

Applicant Guidelines

“people currently unemployed recent graduate with work experience”, “junior college graduate”, “”high school graduate”, “middle school graduate”, “free-lancer”, “entrepreneur”, “musician”, and etc.
Job opening type
General Staff, New business planner, Engineer, Designer
Under 27 years old
Very motivated people
People who believe in their possibility
People who treasure the members more than the work
Headquarters:Postal code 113-0034: Yushima Ichome Building 6F, 1-6-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Salary, Bonus
◎University or grad school graduate / Monthly 211,000\ ※Including service allowance + bonus (twice a year)
◎Graduate of specialized school, technical college, junior college / Monthly 203,000\ ※Including service allowance + bonus (twice a year)
Can flexibly change depending on experience and ability
Once a year (basically) ※There are salary revision for exceptional promotion. (Quarterly base)
Social insurance /corporate commendation system/ company outing/ lunch system/ Use of EC website promotion/ Book purchasing system/ Seminar support system/ All you can eat sweets system/ refreshment from mother system
Further details
Working hours
10:00~19:00 (8 working hours)
Day offs /Vacations
2-days off a week (Sat, Sun)/ Holidays/ Year-end and New Year holidays/ yearly paid vacation/ special leave for weddings and funerals/ special paid leave/ maternity leave
Selection Flow
Application → Interviews (Number of times) → Aptitude test → Job offer
※We are planning to have 3 to 4 interviews. ※Screening flow can change.