Message from CEO


Thank you for visiting our company’s recruiting website.
I am Takemoto, the CEO of C-Connect.

At our company, we consider recruitment as the most important mission, therefore all employees unite and works on it together.
Although we hire various types of people such as new grads, mid-careers, and hiring from potentials, we expect a common trait from them.
Which is the motivation of continuously challenging, changing, and improving and flexibility. The Spirit of venture
And we will continue as a venture company no matter how large the company becomes.

Venture company declaration
  1. We will continue creating new values from free thinking, not being in caught in common senses, customs, stereotypes, and current situation.
  2. The features that tend to fade when a company gets large, such as mobility and flexibility, openness, and the spirit of challenging, will continue to remain in our company.

We, who aim for the Asia’s No.1 EC Company, want people who will grow and success with the company.

And this company that loves young people with dreams and goals has a culture that will fully support each employee for each employee to fully capitalize its maximum possibilities.

Join us and let’s make the company more exciting. We are waiting for your applications.

CEO Yasunobu Takemoto