Recruitment FAQ


About the company

  • What is the average age?
    It is 27.5 (2016 Jun). The executives are still in their 30s, we have many young people.
  • What is the gender ratio?
    6 to 4, we have a little more men than women (2016 Jun).
  • What is the corporate culture like
    A company with a very open culture.
    A flat organization, where the distance between the management is very close, valuing the speed of the business.

About the working environment

  • How is the working environment?
    There are many white boards to be able to have meetings wherever and whenever.
    We also have a break room where you can rest during your break.
  • How do you dress for this company?
    There is no specific style.
    When there is contact with a client, then each will think what to wear considering TPO.
  • What are the working hours?
    The regular working hours are 10:00 to 19:00. We set the starting time from 10, to ease the traffic during the rush hour.
  • What about overtimes?
    There are about 20 hours of overtime per month.
    Of course there are busy seasons such as when releasing a new website, however we basically leave it to each individual’s decision.
  • How does the evaluation system work?
    We have a human resource system that evaluates both the results and the process.
    Specifically, it is the competency evaluation once year and MBO evaluation twice a year.
  • Are there bonuses?
    Bonuses will be distributed twice a year (May and November) depending on your achievements.
  • Can women success?
    At our company there are equal chances to everybody no matter what the gender is.
    We value a corporate culture where anyone can say an opinion.
  • Are there childbirth/childcare supporting system and results of being used?
    We do have childbirth, childcare leave related system, and also results of using it.
    We are considering making a working environment even easier to work at for women improving the supporting system in the future.

About recruitment

  • How many people are you hiring?
    We are planning to hire about 5 new grads.
    Of course we will increase the amount when there are more that satisfies our company’s standards.
    We are always looking for potential or mid-career recruits.
  • What is the content of the screening test?
    Based on applications, interviews (2 to 3 times), and an aptitude test.
    However it is decided mainly based on the interviews, the aptitude test is just for reference.
  • Do you have internships?
    Yes we have an internship system for both undergrad and graduate students.
    Also, most new grads that received a job offer are interning until they officially enter the company.
  • How do you decide assigning people to departments?
    For new grads and potential recruitments, we basically decide based on their wish and if they are suitable.
    Mid-careers will be assigned to departments which they can make most out of their experience and knowledge.
  • Can I apply from overseas?
    After checking your applications, we will set a date for an interview after you come back.
  • Can I apply although I am not Japanese?
    We are considering expanding overseas, nationality would not matter.