C-Connect Mid-career Recruitment


シー・コネクト キャリア採用

Job opening type

What is C-Connect Mid-career recruitment?

We are proactively hiring people who would use most out of their experience bringing innovation to our company with their new ideas and various values.

We believe that having an environment where professionals, who has a wide viewpoint and highly specialized skill built upon experiences, gather will create the speed of growth of the company.

On the other hand, not just designing and programing, but everything is done inside the company such as marketing, buying, logistics, and call centers, so we have all the know-how stored up; it is our strength being able to provide quick service.

People, who join our company through mid-career recruitment, will be able to fully utilize their experience and skills in this environment.

Additionally, with the flow of time, today we have systems of working short hours or few days a week for “housewives” who has skills or had a career before. So feel free to apply.

Ideal Candidate

  • A person who is working as the leading player in a working environment in any industry.
  • A person who has rich experience in designing or engineering.
  • A person who is successful as a free-lance

A person who will not get caught in the common sense, will pursue the true nature, and continue delivering new value to the society.
And, as it is written in our philosophy, we want to make “enjoy working” come true with everybody.

We treasure “chances” in our mid-career recruitment, we hire throughout the year for any job type. If you are interested, please apply from below.


柳 錦輝


柳 錦輝


土橋 美幸

制作部 デザイン制作チーム

土橋 美幸


Applicant Guidelines

WEB designer

Background of recruitment
Recruitment for business expansion
Type of employment
Full-time employee, Contract employee, Part-time
Job description
Content pages, campaign pages, and new product page of basically our website, and will work on renewal of website design and design of corporate website.
Depending on your ambition, you might be able to plan, product, and operate a new website.
Experience required
【Necessary skills /experience】
  • A working experience of web designing for more than a year
  • Experience using Photoshop、Illustrator
  • Experience of coding using HTML, CSS (necessary to be able to input tags)
【Skills/ experiences great to have】
  • SEO related knowledge
  • HTML5, CSS3 related knowledge
  • JavaScript, PHP related knowledge
  • Experience using wordpress or EC-CUBE


Background of recruitment
Recruitment for business expansion
Type of employment
Full-time employee, Contract employee, Part-time
Job description
Will be working on system designing & development, shipment & goods in stock and inquiry management of our EC website, development and running the internal system, and constructing and running servers.
Also, not just producing what was decided, but you might be working the higher stream of the process such as system designing, proposal, and construction.
Furthermore, development at our company is mainly done in a LAMP environment such as PHP and MYSQL.
Required experience
【Necessary skills/experience】
  • An experience of Web related development of more than a year.
  • An experience of development using one of PHP, MySQL, Java, object, C++
【Skills/experience great to have】
  • An experience of developing an EC website using PHP or MySQL
  • An experience of development or customizing using CMS or EC-Cube such as Joomla.
Headquarters:Postal code 113-0034: Yushima Ichome Building 6F, 1-6-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Salary, Bonus
According to your previous salary, ability, and experience.
Working hours
10:00~19:00 (8 working hours)
Day offs /Vacations
2-days off a week (Sat, Sun)/ Holidays/ Year-end and New Year holidays/ yearly paid vacation/ special leave for weddings and funerals/ special paid leave/ maternity leave
Social insurance /corporate commendation system/ company outing/ lunch system/ Use of EC website promotion/ Book purchasing system/ Seminar support system/ All you can eat sweets system/ refreshment from mother system
Further details
Application → Interviews (Number of times) → Aptitude test → Job offer
※We are planning to have 3 to 4 interviews. ※Screening flow can change.