C-Connect 2019 New grad recruitment



2019 New grad recruitment version

※It will be troubling having only revolutionary people, so we are also recruiting people who want to work with revolutionary people.


2019 new grad recruitment

We C-Connect are hiring who are expected to graduate a specialized school, technical college, junior college, 4 year college, or grad school by March of 2019.

We will do the screening especially based on the aptitude for “Challenge”, “Change”, “Growth”, and “enthusiasm” (the venture mind).

Our company has been rapidly growing since 2009 when it was found, we want people who will grow with the company and success. The 2019 new grads will be the Sixth generation of new grads entering the company.

This company, that loves young people with dreams and goals, is ready to fully support each employee for each employee to fully capitalize its maximum possibilities.

What is C-Connect?

“C-Connect” is a company that is rapidly growing faster than the fast growing e-Commerce market itself, with the catch phrase of “commercial enthusiasm” ×”IT”.

Being particular about “self-manufacturing” doing everything such as planning, production, and management, the creative idea, speed, and usability are favored by our customers achieving a 75% repeating rate on our EC website (industry average is 35%).

We have launched new global business projects in 2016. With more multinational teammates joining, we are on the way to fulfilling our goal of becoming the "No.1 EC company in Asia"

Employees hired as new grads

森川 真侑

Planning Buyer

Mayu Morikawa

Joined 2014

Kanda University of International Studies, Department of Asian Langauges

神山 夏実


Natsumi Kamiyama

Joined 2016

Tokyo University of Agriculture, School of Agriculture

谷澤 祥


Sho Yazawa

Joined 2014

Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

高橋 誠


Makoto Takahashi

Joined 2015

Meiji University, School of Economics

斉藤 勇祐


斉藤 勇祐



森本 真衣


森本 真衣



佐々木 貴寛


佐々木 貴寛



Applicant Guidelines

Who are expected to graduate specialized, technical college, junior college, 4 year university, or grad school by March of 2019
※People currently unemployed recent graduate with work experience are also welcome!
ob opening type
General Staff, New business planner, Engineer, Designer
Very motivated people
People who believe in their possibility
People who treasure the members more than the work
Postal code 113-0034: Yushima Ichome Building 6F, 1-6-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Salary, Bonus
◎University or grad school graduate / Monthly 224,000\ ※Including service allowance + bonus (twice a year)
◎Graduate of specialized school, technical college, junior college / Monthly 203,000\ ※Including service allowance + bonus (twice a year)
Can flexibly change depending on experience and ability
Once a year (basically)
※There are salary revision for exceptional promotion. (Quarterly base)
Social insurance /corporate commendation system/ company outing/ lunch system/ Use of EC website promotion/ Book purchasing system/ Seminar support system/ All you can eat sweets system/ Meal pledging system/ OFFICE DE YASAI
Further details
Working hours
10:00~19:00 (8 working hours)
Day offs /Vacations
2-days off a week (Sat, Sun)/ Holidays/ Year-end and New Year holidays/ yearly paid vacation/ special leave for weddings and funerals/ special paid leave/ maternity leave
Selection Flow
Apply → Entry sheet → Application → Interviews (Number of times) → Aptitude test → Job offer
※We are planning to have 3 to 4 interviews. ※Screening flow can change.