Development Policy

At our company, for the “people” and “organization” to grow
We believe not until having 2 conflicting minds
Will make a “the chemical reaction to growth” occur.



Two contradictory development policies

C-Connect treasures having the motivation of growing with the mind set of “ to learn independently” and “grow independently”, at the same time we treasure the attitude of managers “developing imitatively” and “watching over them develop” towards the employees who work under them.

We believe by having both policies that seem to contradict, the “chemical reaction to growth” will occur for the first time.

We who have policies written above “hate” the words mentioned below.

  1. Young employees saying “we want more development systems”, “we want more education provided”, and “we want more time spent on us for development”.

    People who grow are people who “independently study”.
    Blaming growth and development of yourself on the environment or your boss would not solve anything. We want you to always have the spirit of growing and developing independently.
    Young employees who have the spirit of “learning from others” and the mind of “studying independently” will grow and develop the fastest.

  2. Manager’s words saying “learn from watching” or “study independently”.

    Excellent managers do not “leave it to the person” for the person’s growth.
    This is just “enforcing” the mindset the manager had once he was young.

    One of manager’s jobs is to “provide chance of improvement”, “support motivating to grow” and “provide necessary advices” through interaction with proactive employees.
    There is a tendency of hearing the phrase “we are a venture company, so we do not have time developing people” from venture companies, however then you are disqualified as a manager.

In times like that, let’s see the words of Isoroku Yamamto.


As mentioned above, this is our development policy.
How great the words or idea is, the meaning will differ depending on the “person”, “position”, and “timing”.

Therefore, not “blaming others” whenever in any situation, but always being “The person yourself” is the root of our policy.


To treasure “an environment and system easy for the managers to develop employees” and “an environment and system young employees can study independently” as a company, we are revising the systems and structure according to the phase and size by always communicating with each other.