Human resource development


TOC training

TOC is the short-form of “Theory of Constraints”. From this training, you will learn organizational management theory purposed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt who wrote “The Goal” and who also is a physicist.

MG Training

This is an employee training program developed by SONY and CID in 1976.
This is a training program which you can learn knowledge and skills of accounting and finance from a business point of view through simulations.


Independent study

Book purchasing system

The company will pay for purchases of books that highly relates to your work.
Also, the books will be stored at the library after purchase, so it can be shared or borrowed by other employees.

Seminar support system

You may attend a seminar using work time if the seminar contributes to the company’s vision and to yourself.
Also, company will pay the attending fee for the seminar.

Qualification obtaining support system

If you obtained a qualification required by this company, the company will pay off the examinations fee. There are more than 30 qualifications eligible for this system such as information system related, designer related, and business related.

自主学習 自主学習


In-house contest

An in-house contest which you can directly present to the management about “New businesses” and “improvement of business operations”.
It will be approved immediately if it is a beneficial proposal, you can move the company with your ideas. Also, it is a great environment to polish your individual presentations skills.

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