Training of information technology


The purpose of this training

  • To obtain basic knowledge as a person who works in an IT industry.
  • To obtain the necessary knowledge not as a “specialist” but as a “generalist”.

Content Curriculum

Basic IT

The structure of Internet, requirement definition, programming, construct simple EC website


An exercise of understanding MVC frame, to know the basics and able implement or correct HTML and CSS.


Exercise related to PHP basics, variables, operator, conditional branch, loop processing, arrangement, function and argument, variables and scope, receiving data from a form, cookie, and sessions.


Exercise related to database controlling, table record controlling, and extracting data.
Exercise related to data collecting, table constructing, linking tables, and connecting to databases.

Producing a web applications

For finishing up the training, you will produce a web application based on all the things you learned.
You will do all from planning, to requirement definition, then development.

What I leaned

谷澤 祥

Sho Yazawa

  • Introduction to HTML CSS
  • Introduction to DB designing
  • Introduction to PHP MySQL
  • Introduction to frame work of PHP (Laravel)

I learned how engineers think and take part in designing, from the materials written above.

Also, I learned how important it is to understand code by code.

This is what I made.

A DB design using MySQLWorkbench.


森川 真侑

Mayu Morikawa

How engineers create the system.
実By learning from an actual program that was just designed and not built yet, I think I was able to understand the system more than before.
The process of creating a web site
I learned how web sites and applications are created.
I was able to learn the important points (be sure of the definition of the word, write down the rules) on the proposals which gets handed over and requested to the engineers, which was a knowledge that I was able to use immediately.

This is what I made.

Requirement definition of “In-house shuffle lunch system”