How to work, Challenge


"Challenge"is the source of innovation

C-Connect Code of conduct 10

The “seriousness” to challenge not being afraid of failing.
And will answer to the challenge.

The culture of challenging

In C-Connect, we think challenge always has been the main source of innovation.
For this reason, we have “Challenge” as part of our corporate culture, and features of accepting challenges and cheering.

And so, we want young people to make a lot of challenges no matter their age, experience, or job type.
It could start from small challenges.
The experience of successes and failures of small challenges becomes the provision for big challenges.

However, please challenge believing the success and not assuming you are going to fail.
Challenging seriously, will make a failure be a large learning opportunity that will take you to the next step.
As a “result” we think we want you to fail after all.


Grow from challenging

At our company, we believe “people” and “company” is the primary factors to develop.

It is important to provide work able to do within the ability, skill, and experience of the person.
The most “productive” thing in business is to run the structure.
Also, it is important to have a “structure” for jobs that require certainty, the higher the specific gravity of that job is, the easier it is for individuals and organization to obtain profit “now”.

That is because a new challenge is very inefficient no matter what the size is, and comes with pressure and pain.
However, in our company, we take this as “Growing pains”.

When you are doing something for the first time, or challenging to things you cannot make it come true at the current state because you “have the idea” but you do not have the experience, ability, or resource, is the moment when the person or company grows.


The culture of how to work

Although we have a culture of challenging, our company’s average monthly overtime hours are less than 20 hours being less than most of the venture companies.

This is due to rationalization such as standardizing, systemizing, and creating manuals for the operations of existing businesses, lessening the overtime hours of running the structure. This is a result of the culture of improving businesses with imaginative and original ideas.

However, even our company has busy department that tend to have more overtime than other departments.

Which is the “New business department”, “New project team” and departments that relate to them.

This is because the new business department challenges the new category/area, trying to create “something that doesn’t exist”.
It is natural because the productivity is very low when the new business has just started and speed is essential to have the business to get going.

In this manner, depending on your role in the company and the level of challenge you are facing “currently”, will shape “how to work” and “amount of overtimes”.

When we need to get something done, we get it done. This is the characteristic of how the people work at our company.


C-Connect is a trueborn venture company. The definition of venture might differ depending on the person.
However, not the size of the company but having a corporate culture of challenging is what we believe what a “venture company” is.