To create Asia’s No.1 EC Company

Our Mission

We will offer innovative and high value service in this world where e-Commerce is growing rapidly.

We will create new values, always having and thinking from a business point of view, with geographical advantage of being based in Asia, and pursuing the true nature not being caught in stereotypes.

To accomplish our mission, of course in retail “Product EC business”, but also offering intangible products “service EC business”, “EC platform business” which is based on infrastructure such as logistics, payments and systems; we will proactively enter business that has high synergy.

Also, not to be limited inside the boarders of the aging and medium- to long-term depressing market, but taking in the demands from overseas expanding globally, bringing excitement to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and long-established companies; we will contribute to Japan as well as the development of Asia.

And, to become a company that will offer value globally being based in Asia like conglomerates that represents Asia.

Our values

Create value

We will contribute to the creation of a better society through economic activities.


We will consider making the most out of myself, people, environment, and trend, to create the best results.


Not forgetting the sincerity attitude and always be thankful, to continue to be a corporate citizen being appreciated.

Team C-CONNECT/ What we are particular about

Business structure

We do not make a vague channel of distribution, taking the stance of being “The maker and retailer” from the beginning.
With this style, we are able to ensure high profitability and able to provide highly beneficial service to our customers.


Also other than the product itself, such as content planning, system production, design, customer support, logistics, SEO policy and WEB marketing, are all self-manufactured; we create our “true core competence” by thinking out and connecting these.

Our company website

We have the technological strength and the strength to make our ideas come true. Just like how there is a saying of “God is in the details”, we are particular of every small details of our website for user’s easiness of using and so users will feel something from it, we will continue polishing our “creativity”.

Recruitment, development

We have been actively working on recruitment and development of our employees since this company was founded. We have various supporting systems, so any type of people new grads, mid-careers, and potentially hired employees can learn and grow. We C-Connect believe that respecting various point of views and personalities, and by mixing them, the organization becomes stronger.

Challenge / Our future

Since the foundation of the company, obtaining the know-how by being particular about self-manufacturing, we will proactively create new businesses.

And, will pursue the true nature not being caught in stereotypes.

To create Asia’s No.1 EC Company