In-house systems


Interesting systems

EC utilization promotion system

We require our employees to have high EC literacy to become “Asia’s No.1 EC Company”.
To experience many EC websites and contribute to the work of our company, we support up to 5000\ per month purchasing at an EC website.

New business/workflow proposal system

There are opportunities to present new business ideas, improvement of services or in-house systems at any time. Beneficial proposals will be approved right on the spot, so there are many chances for you to make innovation happen.

Shuffle lunch

Every Wednesday we randomly create groups of five to go on a lunch with company’s money, as an opportunity for employees cultivate friendship with each other and for employees that does not really have the chance to get to know other departments

Sweets all you can eat

There is a box of sweets in the office. Employees can freely eat the sweets in the box.

Meal Pledging System

We provide refreshments and light meals for employees who are working hard overtime. For our staff’s health, we have introduced not only a snack corner but also a fridge filled with healthy, fresh vegetables - "OFFICE DE YASAI". Enjoy fresh, subsidised vegetables at your own time.

Qualification obtaining support system

If you obtained a qualification acknowledged by this company, the company will pay off the examinations fee. There are more than 30 qualifications eligible for this system such as information system related, designer related, and business related.

Health and welfare benefit

Clubs and activities

We have official club activities that are receiving funding support from the company. You can share your interests, and even create your own club! Currently we have a Futsal club, a photography club and a Mah-jong club.

Influenza vaccination

Employees can take influenza vaccinations, fees covered by the company.

Acquisition of 1/4 of pay leave

A pay leave based on the Labor Standards Act will be provided, and you can use from minimum of 2-hour units.